The rare reptiles crew

Who we be

Welcome to the rare reptiles crew, a dope collection of unique and quirky reptile collectibles created with over 120 special traits, hatching soon on the Cardano Blockchain.

Not only are these NFTs a unique piece of cool art, but they also act as membership access to features of the crew. Such as whitelisting for future drops, voting rights, members only merch, possible events tickets and access to metaverse features.

Don't waste any time and get well acquainted with the crew, by joining our discord community and following our twitter page via the links on this page.


Our quirky unique reptiles will be ready to mint soon. Please only mint from this website and send the exact amount of ADA needed to mint an NFT. Do not send any ADA from exchanges, this will not work. Please only use official Cardano wallets for a successful mint, such as Daedalus, Nami and Yoroi etc.


the crew collection

A sneak peek of the 900 rare reptiles created from unique hand drawn traits.


01. how many reptiles are there?
There are 900 reptiles to be minted in the first series.
02. what's the mint price?
18 ADA per NFT for mint. 
03. when will the minting launch?
04. what is the process for the launch?
There will be a single address being used. When minting goes live the address will be announced on this landing page. Make sure you keep a look out on our socials.
05. what wallet should I use?
Please make sure you only use official Cardano wallets such as; Daedalus, Nami and Yoroi. Any ADA sent from exchange wallets will fail and you will not receive your NFT.
06. what is the utility of the reptiles?
The reptiles will provide utility in a number of ways. They will give whitelist rights to hodlers for future drops. They act as tickets for any live in person events or access to brand merch, and they will also provide voting rights in the community for decisions. Such as the style of the art, how the merch should look, venues for live events and possible metaverse features.


the creator:
Johnny Visualz
the developer:
the marketer:


Our goal with the rare reptiles crew is to build a community of like minded cnft enthusiasts who appreciate dope art and good vibes.

Check out how we intend to build our crew in the roadmap below. Feel free to jump into our discord and engage with us on twitter we are happy to answer any questions.

And now...

The Rare Reptiles Crew... Assemble!!!